In the work of a graphic designer must take into account the various principles to reach out to the good stem output The principles of design which will be described below is not a dead precepts that the best design that is like what is conceived near the written principle even as best as the guidelines this should be a good design because it is not there any good or bad assessment of a design entirely depends on the tastes of graphic designers, users and audiences who fall prey to this element’s heritage affirmed graphic design expert, Danton Sihombing on the magazine discus the work of graphic design should be confirmed the level of feasibility, the meaning no graphic design work is valid or wrong.

The principles of Graphic design are the following:


Equality is the state or similarity between opposing forces and gives a visible impression visibly The principle of equilibrium is two, namely the formal balance of harmony and informal justice.

Formal alignment destroys the true, trustworthy and prestigious pass response. formal justice also denounces the consistency in the use of various design factors such as the emblem emblems near the design of the design pamor cards made with full color (F/C). Anyway with the consideration that the design is more varied and not boring then in order to design different media you produce a symbol contained with duotone style. Well, against this condition, the design diversification plan should not be functioned What if the logo impression is the logo of a homemade goods Consistency is very highly utilized which is the inherent identity reply for a brand of creation We do not want consumers to make the carelessly artificial marketed even the balance of informal useful for generating real, dynamic remarks, free forgiveness of pop, abandoning awkward and posmodernist actions.


Not a few master graphic designs thrust this principle on the task of design This aspect is very convincing according to the needs of ease readers understand the fill in the heirloom conveyed in the use of alif-ba-ta one piece of information example letters title (headline), subtitle and body news (body text ) should not use the category font ornamental and njilimet, such as the letter blackletter hard to read. the regular graphic designer is declaring this principle which is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). This principle is applicable along with the use of the white space aspect and does not use too many accessories elements as necessary.


The rhythm of the imitation of elements of the art supporter. The rhythm is crossed between two shapes located to an area similar to the interval when between two consecutive music sounds identical to the graphic design accentuating the space interval or the void or gap between objects. such as an intercolumn slit. gap between writing along the edge of paper, fractures between 10 poto in one page and so forth.


Coherence ie cohesion, consistency, singleness or integrity that is the filling of the principal since composition. for example the illustrations, lines and readings are given raster so as to give the perfection response to the heirloom in question.


The privilege is intended to attract the reader’s attention so that he / she will witness and read the field of design in question. if in the context of this newspaper design can be done together to provide dus raster for a news it will impress the importance of the news to read by the reader. Or initially raising the dose of phoneme for the title of the news then looks much unlike the other news deepening was done through duplicate measure of the middle of the contrast distance the quality of the tone variety of lines of the room shape or motif.

So, this is graphic design principles, may be useful.
Thank you. 🙂