RGB is an acronym of Red – Blue – Green which is a kind of additive color mode used for “input jdevices” such as scanners or “output devices” such as display monitors of its primary colors (Red, Blue, Green) is up to technological facilities as necessary CCD or PMT to scanner or digital camera CRT or LCD for display screen

If (Red – Blue – Green) the three varieties are combined to create a white pattern is why RGB is called ‘additive color’ or the language of cool color lighting’.

RGB variety is the principle of style used by electronic facilities such as television, pc monitor and middle scanner. Therefore, the colors displayed RGB is always clear and fun, because it is really in the settings on the display screen is not for print, so more flexibility in playful colors.

But it does not mean RGB-free events due to the variety of RGB display will always be summed up with the capacity/computer graphics capabilities that bear it. Be when the computer we use has a cool graphics card back LCD screen, so the appearance of RGB variety would be much better than the tube monitor with a mediocre graphic card.

The following equations and modifications RGB and CMYK


RGB and CMYK are both primary features.



1. Red Green Blue (red, green, blue)
2. RGB ie the various colors of cardinals that are enabled for the monitor
3. Become more functionalized RGB for the design which will be displayed to the media screen monitor
4. if the color of RGB in mixed all will produce white color Cyan Magenta popular Yellow Black wong say blue, red, yellow and black)


1. Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
2. CMYK is the most cardinal color needed for the printer
3. CMYK is more required for design that will be displayed to the printing facilities
4. if the variety of CMY in the whole mix will produce a black hue


To the best tasting creations:
– Use CMYK range
– Recognize the full range of your device (scanners, printers, screens etc) together well.

For web design and graphic design:
– Use RGB color
– Get used to working near the controlled area of ​​light. running designs for day and midnight also produce the most important color discrepancies in RGB.


Along with RGB color then the color display can be richer and deprivation However if it is related with the department of printing/using the printing press then use CMYK color because the printing press utilizes the medium of film is very limited in digesting the pattern but also have wisdom because the printing presses continued with mass production in a great cacah become more efficient and efficient money & time.

Therefore there must be a demotion of quality/grade when the RGB pattern is imposed in cinema/Printing color change can be great But if it had been against the FA (Final Artwork) create print but in RGB color mode so that conversion can be used to CMYK, but do not be amazed with color change. So be careful with the color mode functionalized on one design first make sure whether to print or to display and Check together wake final artwork so that no mistakes happen.

Thank you, may be useful.