A graphic designer is required to always be creative, no matter how conditions or maybe his feelings at the time. They are always exposed to a creative world that changes every day. Well, for those of you who work as a graphic designer, need improve your skills. As thedesigncubicle.com, here are tips to be done a graphic designer to strengthen creativity and become the best graphic designer.

Being a Collector

If you want to improve your skills as a graphic designer, be environmentally sensitive. If on the road you see a design that inspires you, take it home. Collect the brochures or posters you have in the file. So when you get stuck, you can open the file to get inspired.

Buy Books

Well, this becomes one of the most important things. It is true that the book is the window of the world. Not only collect brochures or posters, you should also collect books about design. Get used in a month, you read a book related to the design. Improve your reference.

Read the Blog

Today, not only books that can add to our insight, web or blog people we do not know can be a good source of information. Do not be shy to learn from others. Read their blogs related to the design and dredge all the information.

Create a Design Blog

Already read people’s blogs? Now it’s time you create your own design blog. In addition to making you more analytical in the work, that’s where others see your portfolio. Could it be, a company interested in your work? I myself have a blog at https://mochtar.id

Join the Design Community

If you are a freelance graphic designer, it is an absolute price to join the design community. You will always be up to date in the design world, good for feedback and criticism, and do not rule out not if you get job information? Hmm …

Take a photo!

Not necessarily with a good camera, you can also use the camera phone just to photograph the object that inspires you. Like buildings, textures, or even shadows. Strongly add to your reference, Designer!


Create a Counterfeit Project

To add to your portfolio, create a fake project like creating a fake brand for a company. Creating a logo design, brochure, or website will certainly make your creativity work without restrictions.

Redesign the Works of Others

Do not want to create fake brand for design? Try redesigning someone else’s project. With this, you can evaluate their mistakes and what you can do to make them look better.

Redesign Your Old Job

The worst work you create, never deleted. Because sometimes, you might recreate old designs that you think are bad. From there you will learn and realize how little science or many of your old design mistakes. No need to be ashamed of having a job that you think is bad, because that’s where you’ll learn and if you can redesign better, your skills prove to increase.

Follow the seminar

In addition to learning from other people’s books or blogs, it is recommended that you occasionally attend a design seminar. You will definitely learn one or two new lessons from the seminar.

Socialize with Other Graphic Designers

Not enough to follow the design community, by attending a seminar as previously said, your relationship will surely increase. You will definitely meet other graphic designers. Try to get to know each other and exchange social media that you have. Having a wide network will certainly improve your skills.

Take the Design Class

Many local colleges allow you to attend classes without studying full time or even for a long time. Like IDS | The International Design School has a College of Digital Design Program that takes only 1.5 years to take you to become a professional designer ready to work in the industry.

Other Graphic Designer Interviews

After getting contacts from other graphic designers, their interviews are not straightforward. Talk to the people you meet. You will definitely get an amazing experience.


If you have the funds and time, get out of town or even abroad. You will discover new things and learn a lot from your trip. You will see new culture and new artwork. It will open your mind about the outside world. Wow!

Learn New Things

Being a good graphic designer is not easy. Lots of effort to do and do not stop learning! By continuing to learn and learn new things, without you knowing your abilities will continue to increase.

Take a Sketchbook

Sketchbooks will help you work through ideas quickly and without the limitations of design software. And of course, with a sketchbook you can describe the idea wherever you are.

So? Not so difficult not to add your skills as a graphic designer? If you make a grapic designer as your profession, you will definitely continue to do good. Good luck, Designer!