Logo is the icon that substitute objects and which is a symbol that can describe by way a little related brand image of one object and the airline together logo so that one industry will have brand. Singularis which will be known by the population in this factor consumers for it need to be caught that logo have and carry a goal are:



To carry out this interpretation on average one person designers use analog theory to replace the intended form. The form in question is generally taken since the quality of object objects (corporate or creations) made its logo.



One logo design will have more precepts if it has an eye-catching element. The beginning of the many pictures on display, the good at the outlet, the book depot, or the supremacy card bed whether the knotted symbol is capable of grabbing more dominant attention than the other images or shapes?
In order to produce an eye-catching symbol design really is not easy There are so many things to consider. Start target market, idiosyncation of target audience, or media that will be utilized and so on. Whereas this subject is capable of being studied, and requires high hours of sky.

One of the earliest elements that created an eye-catching design is the idea of ​​a unique form except the form of a mark-ing of a form that rarely repeats itself into one of the designs of the emblem capable of taking the spotlight of the audience. There are not a few symbols that can be used to interpret a thing when from some substitute choice naturally there is one or two more eye-catching. Derived from the basic form of a symbol design can appropriately added cosmetic (delinquent fashion term) or ornament of invisible supporters whose nature as a sweetener. Except that cosmetic is here only as a sweetener, so the strength is not so dominant. The selected form as cosmetic can be real round square shape, triangle box, or just a curved line.



Logo rows are briefly influenced by the latest like the same trend in the fashion section. The trend here replaces the lecture dynamics since the shape of the logo itself As we know in the prime of 2000, The latest to the emblem that develops the digital form, where the form here is more not less represented by the strip and dot. This factor determines for the IT era is growing rapidly in prime is where not a few forms that replace the IT section into a trade mark logos born for that time. Began to form a font until the idea of ​​the risk of matrix in power at the birth of the logos.

The trend should be the same as the spread of influenza outbreaks without its original address. Exchange influence and have season of incubation. Sometimes it is circular or repetitive where archetypes are recurring to new trends. Not a few factors that put this trend, the whole since from external. Could be the cause of the symptom that runs in more or less us, like fashion, television political system, etc.

In the era of the 70s, more designs use a detailed form to interpret an object design symbol that there are many use of illustrations that are detailed ahead of the original). Presumably precisely the philosophy of naturalists, so affect the idea of ​​design logos born in that period. So on to the era of the 90s, the logo design idea to move to a more simple direction. The form object that details are not added used to interpret one of the existing design symbols tend to be minimalist And to the era of th 2000 the sequence of more complex moves continue to exceptions still coloring the orderliness becomes very minimalist here. The colors used in the logos born in this era trend to utilize some solid color color and minimalist footprint except strips and dots. Roughly the more appropriate term for this is the Clipart era.

Close to popular response there are factors that can also be needed as a reference on designing a single design, whether as a popular follower or as the author of the trend or even we remain solid for our idiosyncratic design atmosphere. It’s entirely up to the designer to position the design. Which is certainly popular is one of the form of the dynamic scene of a series as we see it is a positive element so that we can have the added value of knowledge and broader concept. Even if we look at it as an obstacle so that we can not grab the disgrace of our design more proportionally.

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