Against the normal about photography would be even more hesitant what is meant by sketches of RAW. Ok for the introduction would be explained that most of us deepen the format of JPEG, TIFF or TIF and RAW. Here explanation:

JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) formats

JPEG is vvery common image format since the start camera camera to digital camera can put image data near this digital format. JPEG format is an image format that has suffered as much compression as possible to share and preview needs. All graphics software can open this file format, to the extent to other applications such as audio or accounting applications can open this file format.

Synonymous with TIFF, each pixel for a JPEG file has 3 values ​​for the path opposite the digital pattern (RGB was). Each pixel to a JPEG file has a depth of 8 bits, therefore its size can be minimized. But unlike TIFF, compression on JPEG does not use a “lossless” recipe, but uses a “loosy” trick; meaning along with the compression doses of the file the smaller the image data again faded But the data loss sketches are made in such a manner so not so apparent when displayed on a computer monitor.

Create a JPEG file can be added EXIF ​​data, that is attribute data related technical data about JPEG images written like camera category that is used for taking JPEG images recorded specification of the shooting, until graphics software used to process it.

The wisdom of JPEG format is a very small size so easy to preview the shared share immediately in the case of digital photography, the use of JPEG output shorten the recording of data sketches to near memory cards again mengesataskan data sketches that can be loaded near a memory card.

Lossless and loosy

JPEG format error is the format of compression “loosy” then the image quality tends to be low for the sake of preview in case this does not become a disease but for the needs of printing, especially the large format is published image quality reduction than using TIFF format.

TIFF or TIF format (Tagged Image File Format)

Just pent up in many prosumer camera category is DSLR version obsolete who put sketch data in this format. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) has a very large file density and has a lot more gradation is not a bit because it is not standard standart with compression. Please specify the TIFF variety of 12 bit / chanel or approximately 1024-4096 as JPEG, TIFF quickly recovered recognizable by photo editing software due to its international nature to essentially the way digital image data, all TIFF files are made in the beginning of RAW files. Presumably TIFF recorded processed camera processor or via post-processing RAW on the computer.

One TIFF file near the conversion rate to average has not inherited compression which can do some data loss in it. Each pixel for a TIFF file is formed from a 4 pixel moral calculation to its RAW data. This is what makes the number of pixels for a RAW file more than a pixel number for the TIFF it produces. This repeats the placing of each pixel in a TIFF file capable of storing the three precepts of the opposite path to the Red, Green, and Blue varieties.

The TIFF file is capable of being stored in a 16 bit strength format in addition to repeating it to 8 bits) and almost all graphics software can read it. Especially this format is able to store image data which consists of more address origin wahid layer, for example the use of alpha channel. Therefore, this is a very common format used in printing majors.

TIFF format wisdom is able to balance between image quality and file dosage and can be achieved by a variety of graphics applications. Because of this, this format is commonly used near sketch data transfers that continue to require excellent image quality data such as stockphoto, graphic design product drawings, or printing interests.

TIFF format errors are of course a repetitive file dossier too big for just sharing interests and sketch previews Therefore it is created JPEG format.

RAW? Continued…