Falogo Kreatif Studio is a branding and design studio based in Padang, Indonesia. We have been working since 2018 with a passionate heart and dedicated mind to deliver you nothing less than perfection to your visual needs – through the perfect balance between business strategy and design, and science and art.

We help brands grow with a clear voice and a story worth telling. Putting together craft and thinking into our work, we bring about ideas that resonate with people. Our work spans over a decade, across multiple mediums and for clients of every type. We set our heart and mind to make designs that people think about before they go to sleep.

Our purpose is to help you change your brand, for the better.

We believe how your information is delivered will affect your reach to your audiences. Our goal is to help your business run even smoother, without any marketing visual problems. Continuously seek opportunities to make our world looks better, one brand at a time. One brand every time.

How we do it

In the beginning, we grill you to learn everything we can about your company. What makes you different? Who do you want to impress? What problems need solving now, and how can we set you up for future success? Next, we’ll analyze the competition. We’ll find what they have in common with each other and with you, and we’ll come to understand how they position themselves. After mapping out the space you compete in, we’ll identify competitive gaps and position your brand in a way that makes you interesting to the people who matter most.

Next, we conduct a series of exercises to define your brand’s personality. Then we bring it to life by arranging your talking points into provocative sound bites. We define who you are, what you believe, what you do, and why people should care. Then we weave it all into stories that work everywhere from elevators to board rooms.

PT Falogo Kreatif Studio
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